About Us

The Eight Ball Flying Club is a California non-profit corporation which has been in continuous operation at the Van Nuys Airport since 1954.

Our mission is to promote the advancement of general aviation, facilitate and encourage its members’ common interests in flight, provide a platform for development and furtherance of the art and skill of airmanship, along with aviation training and education. To these ends, the club owns and operates a fleet of safe and well-maintained general aviation aircraft for use by club members.

The club presently owns and operates 2 2000 Cessna 182s , a 2002 Cessna 172SP, a six seat 1981 Piper Saratoga and a 2002 Diamond DA40.  All of our aircraft are IFR equipped. All aircraft are parked on the northwest side of Van Nuys Airport in the new Van Nuys Prop Park.

Flight time is measured on the tachometer, which encourages training and instrument flying.

Aircraft availability is excellent with all scheduling handled online.

Equity membership share price is $3000. Monthly dues of $186 cover fixed costs of insurance (liability and hull), tie downs, and taxes. Membership provides full access to all club aircraft. Upon leaving the club, shares can be sold.

In addition to other benefits, club membership brings with it the camaraderie of a group of dedicated, safety conscious pilots.

Club affiliated flight instructors conduct required checkouts for new members and instruction for all skill levels is available.

Each member is expected to donate hours club administration; this directly enhances flight safety by allowing members to become more familiar with the aircraft and their systems.

We meet on the second Tuesday of each month and extend a cordial invitation to you to attend. For additional information contact us.

8-Ball Ramp