About Us

The Eight Ball Flying Club is a California non-profit corporation which has been in continuous operation at the Van Nuys Airport since 1954. We attribute our long history of success to the careful selection of members and sound financial practices.

The club presently owns and operates 2 2000 Cessna 182s , a 2002 Cessna 172SP, a six seat 1981 Piper Saratoga and a 2002 Diamond DA40.  All of our aircraft are IFR equipped. All aircraft are parked on the northwest side of Van Nuys Airport in the new Van Nuys Prop Park.

Flying time is measured on the tachometer as opposed to the Hobbs meter. This results in attractive rates — especially for training and instrument flying, where takeoff delays are common.

Currently each aircraft operates about 250 hours per year and aircraft availability is excellent. Scheduling is done online.

Membership shares are selling for between $3500-$4000. Monthly dues of $186 cover fixed costs of insurance (liability and hull), tie downs, and taxes. An equity share provides full access to all club aircraft. Upon leaving the club, members are responsible for the disposition of their shares.

In addition to financial benefits, club membership brings with it the camaraderie of a group of dedicated, safety conscious pilots. Training is available from a club associated flight instructor, who conducts required checkouts for new members. Instruction for all skill levels is available.

Each member is expected to donate 8 hours annually to maintenance; this enhances flying safety by allowing members to become more familiar with the aircraft and their systems.

We meet on the second Tuesday of each month and extend a cordial invitation to you to attend. For additional information contact us.

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