Q: How much do the aircraft cost to fly?

A. Please see our aircraft pages (under ‘aircraft’ on the menu) for the latest wet rates.  Our rates are measured by the tachometer and include a fuel surcharge that fluctuates based on current fuel prices – rates can and do vary. We’re a non-profit organization which means we put the aircraft on the line for what it costs to operate them, period.  We challange you to find better rates for comperable aircraft ANYWHERE.

Q: Does the club provide insurance?

A: Yes. Every member is a named insured. Each aircraft is insured to its hull value with $1,000,000 liability.  It’s recommended that members carry renter’s insurance to cover the first $5,000 of damage.

Q: Are there memberships available?

A. The club is currently full but there may be memberships for sale. If you are interested in joining contact us.

Q: How many members are there?

A: There are currently 65 members.  The club strives to maintain an ideal pilot to aircraft ratio based on historical availability.

Q: How much does it cost to join?

A: Members are free to dispose of their shares as they see fit and the price is negotiable. Existing memberships have recently been going for between $3500 and $4000.

Q: Are there monthly dues?

A: Yes. $186 per month covers the cost of owning all the airplanes.

Q: Does the club have an affiliated flight instructor available for training?

A: As a matter of fact, we do.

Q: I’m working with a great instructor.  Does my CFI have to be a member in order to train me in 8-Ball aircraft?

A: As long as your instructor completes a check out with the club you may receive instruction from a non-member CFI.

Q: Where are the aircraft located?

A: All planes are tied down next to one another at the new Van Nuys Prop Park on the northwest side of Van Nuys Airport. There are restrooms, fuel and a pilot’s lounge adjacent to the parking area.