Get a Pilot’s License

Get a Pilot’s License

If you’ve always dreamed of flying an airplane, you can quite easily make that dream a reality. With the proper classroom and practical training, you can get a pilot’s license. You must first complete a course at a licensed flight school. These courses are generally between three to six weeks in length and cover the textbook intricacies of flying. Once you’ve finished the course, you must pass a written examination to proceed to the flight training portion of your studies.

You’ll then need to complete 40 hours of actual flying; 20 to 30 of those hours with an instructor and 10 to 20 hours on your own. Though the FAA lays out this minimum hourly training requirement to get a pilot’s license, most pilots fly closer to 65 hours before taking their final exams. Before you get a pilot’s license, you’ll have to pass a practical and oral exam with an FAA-certified examiner.

Generally, the entire process takes several months to a year, depending on the intensity of your training schedule; however, it can be completed in as little as six weeks. To get a pilot’s license, there are various costs involved. Training courses generally cost between $7,000 and $10,000; this covers the classroom training as well as actual flight training. For the hands-on training, you do have to pay for the cost of the plane rental as well as the instructor’s time.

Get a Pilot’s License in Southern California

Here at Eight Ball Flying Club, we can help you get a pilot’s license. We have a certified flight instructor affiliated with our flying club who can assist you in the entire training and licensing process. Your monthly dues cover maintenance, insurance and associated costs on our four aircraft, allowing you to pay a reasonable hourly fee for rentals.