Learn How to Fly

Learn How to Fly

Here at Eight Ball Flying Club, we can help you on your journey to learn how to fly. We are a non-profit flying club that provides members with discounted rental access to four excellently maintained aircraft. Our club’s history dates back to 1954, thanks to a solid base of members and superior management skills.

In addition to plane access, you also get the companionship of a group of experienced, dedicated pilots. This camaraderie is key as you learn how to fly. You can ask questions, get informed answers and pick up invaluable tips from people who have been flying for years.

Resources to Learn How to Fly

We also have a flight instructor affiliated with Eight Ball Flying Club who can help you learn how to fly. Before you work with the flight instructor on hands-on training inside the aircraft, you’ll need to complete a classroom training course. We can refer you to solid training programs where you can fulfill the classroom requirement.

You’ll then need to complete at least 40 hours of practical training, at least 20 of which must be with a certified flight instructor. As a member of our club, you can rent one of our four aircraft for your training hours. Our planes include a 2000 Cessna 182, 2002 Cessna 172SP, 1982 Piper Saratoga and 1978 Cessna 172. All rental reservations are completed online, making it easy to reserve a particular aircraft as you learn how to fly.