Los Angeles Aircraft Rentals

Los Angeles Aircraft Rentals

Los Angeles aircraft rentals are generally not cheap. Whether you’re a beginner who needs a plane to learn to fly or a seasoned pro who likes to fly away for weekend trips, Los Angeles aircraft rentals can easily cost several hundreds of dollars per hour. Here at Eight Ball Flying Club, all our members enjoy affordable hourly rental fees on our five well-maintained aircraft.

Club members’ monthly membership dues, as well as each member’s initial buy-in costs, enable our hourly rates to remain so reasonable. As a non-profit group, all our membership fees are allocated solely to the operation and maintenance of our planes. Aircraft insurance, taxes, tie downs and repairs are all covered by membership dues. With initial buy-in costs of $3,500 and monthly dues of $160, we are proud to offer our members much more affordable rates than most flying clubs.

In addition to discounted Los Angeles aircraft rentals, members also enjoy the companionship of a group of seasoned pilots. There is never a shortage of tips, stories and knowledge shared at our monthly meetings.

Schedule Your Los Angeles Aircraft Rentals Online

All our Los Angeles aircraft rentals are monitored via our online scheduling system. Members have full access to view and reserve any of our four aircraft. This easy system keeps our scheduling simple and organized, enabling members to reserve planes well in advance of their desired dates. Last minute trips are always an option, provided the desired plane is available.