Los Angeles Aviation School

Los Angeles Aviation School

If you live in the Los Angeles area and wish to become a pilot, a Los Angeles aviation school is a must for you. To get your pilot’s license, you must complete an instructional, ground school course that covers flying procedures and regulations. These courses generally last between three to six weeks and culminate in an examination.

Los Angeles Aviation School Costs

The cost for ground training at a Los Angeles aviation school is generally broken down into two categories—a flat fee that covers the cost of the instructional course and a fee to cover your books. Once you pass the ground school examination, you can proceed to the second portion of your pilot training—flight training.

The FAA requires that you have at least 40 hours of flight training before you take your FAA checkride exam. At least 10 of those 40 hours must be solo flights, meaning you go up without an instructor. About 20 to 30 of your flight training hours will entail an instructor in the plane with you. Generally, pilots end up accumulating well above the 40-hour-minimum requirement prior to taking their exams.

The price of flight training at a Los Angeles aviation school will vary slightly from school to school. You have to pay for the aircraft’s hourly rental as well as the flight instructor’s time. If you are a member of Eight Ball Flying Club, you can rent our planes for your flight training at the reasonable hourly rates members enjoy.