Los Angeles Charter Plane

Los Angeles Charter Plane

If you’re a recreational pilot, Los Angeles charter plane rentals can quickly add up. You also have to deal with the headaches of finding and reserving the plane, ensuring the plane you want is available for your desired trip. A bit of research is required on your part, to ensure the Los Angeles charter plane you choose is well-maintained and completely safe.

Los Angeles Charter Plane Rentals Made Easy

Rather than repeatedly renting Los Angeles charter planes, Southern Californian pilots are better off joining a local flying club. Flying clubs allow members to jointly own several aircraft, all of which are available for members to rent on an hourly or daily basis. The cost of maintaining, housing and insuring the planes is covered by members’ dues, allowing the hourly charter rate to remain quite reasonable.

Here at Eight Ball Flying Club, we have available membership slots for pilots looking to become part of our dedicated group of members. Our membership base is diverse, with pilots who have recently passed their FAA exam as well as pilots who have been flying for decades. We even accept members who are in the process of getting their licenses; beginners can rent one of our planes for flight training with an authorized instructor.

When you’re a member of Eight Ball Flying Club, you get much more than easy access to Los Angeles charter plane rentals. You become part of a unique and experienced group of pilots. In addition to the group’s overall camaraderie, you can also glean valuable knowledge and tips from your fellow pilots.