Los Angeles FBO

Los Angeles FBO

Though the term has evolved over the years, a Los Angeles FBO is simply a service station, generally at an airport. The acronym stands for “fixed base of operation.” A Los Angeles FBO will provide aircraft fuel, parking and oil. They usually also provide restrooms, aircraft maintenance services and general ground services.

Los Angeles FBO at Van Nuys Airport

At Eight Ball Flying Club, we operate our five aircraft out of the Los Angeles FBO of Van Nuys Airport. Our flight club has been running our planes out of Van Nuys since 1954. Currently, we own and operate four aircraft—a six-seat 1982 Piper Saratoga, 2002 Cessna 172SP, TWO 2000 Cessna 182s and 1978 Cessna 172.

Our aircraft are tied down adjacent to one another at the west end of Van Nuys Airport, in the mid-field area. As a well-equipped Los Angeles FBO, Van Nuys Airport provides pilots with proper fueling and storage services. Its central location in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles allows easy access for pilots all over the Los Angeles area.

Members of our club can reserve any of the club’s four aircraft via our easy online scheduling system. The hourly rental charge varies according to the particular airplane you’ll be renting. All rental rates include a fuel surcharge which fluctuates slightly depending on current fuel rates.