Los Angeles Flying Lessons

Los Angeles Flying Lessons

Los Angeles flying lessons are available all throughout the county. Though they are often associated with a ground training center, you can also obtain Los Angeles flying lessons from individual instructors. Before choosing an instructor, you should first confirm that they are certified and possess a solid flying record.

Taking Los Angeles Flying Lessons

Here at Eight Ball Flying Club, many of our members started their flight training shortly before joining the club. As a club member, you can use our aircraft for your Los Angeles flying lessons. Since you need to complete at least 40 hours of flight time—at least 20 of which must be with an instructor—prior to taking your FAA exam, the cost of aircraft rental can quickly add up. As a club member, you’ll be entitled to our reasonable hourly rental rates.

If you don’t already have a flight instructor, we can set you up with the club’s affiliated instructor. If you already have an excellent instructor, you’re welcome to continue your flight training with that person; we just need to perform a quick checkout to confirm the instructor’s certifications and record.

Since all our airplanes are tied down at Van Nuys Airport, your Los Angeles flying lessons will take place out of that location. After you’ve completed the instructor-assisted portion of your flight training, you can then take the planes up for your solo flight hours. All our airplane reservations are done online.