Los Angeles Flying School

Los Angeles Flying School

Los Angeles flying school will teach you the ins and outs of being a pilot. Before you can get behind the controls of an airplane, you need to first complete a ground training course. During this grounded portion of Los Angeles flying school, you’ll learn the procedures, regulations and practices related to flying. When you begin your flight training, you’ll put the information learned in ground school into practice.

Los Angeles Flying School Basics

At the end of your ground school course, you’ll take an exam that tests you on the information learned. Once you pass that exam, you can proceed to the practical portion of your Los Angeles flying school lessons. The Federal Aviation Administration, more commonly known as the FAA, requires that you complete at least 40 hours of flight training before taking your checkride.

There is a bevy of options for flight training in Southern California. You can attend a Los Angeles flying school that features both ground and flight training as part of one program. You may also complete your flight training with a certified flight instructor of your choice.

If you’re a member of Eight Ball Flying Club, we can set you up with our affiliated flight instructor for your flight training lessons. As a club member, you’ll have access to our aircraft for reasonable hourly rates. If you’d like to use a different instructor, that’s fine too; we just need to perform a quick check to confirm the instructor’s certifications are current.