Los Angeles Pilot’s License

Los Angeles Pilot’s License

A Los Angeles pilot’s license will enable you to fly airplanes anywhere in the United States. If you wish to fly internationally with your Los Angeles pilot’s license, you must check the specifics of your particular license. Recreational pilots cannot fly internationally, whereas sport pilots generally can.

Get Your Los Angeles Pilot’s License

As a major metropolis, it’s no surprise that you have plenty of training options that can enable you to get your Los Angeles pilot’s license. Before taking the FAA checkride in which a certified FAA inspector will assess your flying skills and knowledge, you must first complete the appropriate training. This consists of both a ground school course and practical flight training.

Once you have your Los Angeles pilot’s license, you undoubtedly want access to airplanes. Since the cost of owning and maintaining your own airplane is prohibitively high, a Los Angeles flying club is a viable option. Members of flying clubs jointly share the expenses of operating airplanes, allowing each member access to use the planes.

Here at Eight Ball Flying Club, we’ve been operating our planes out of Van Nuys Airport since 1954. Our club’s long history is due to our solid financial practices and dedicated membership base. We currently operate four stellar aircraft for our members. If you’re interested in joining, complete our Contact Us form and we’ll provide you with further details.