Private Pilot License

Private Pilot License

A private pilot license, more commonly known as a private pilot certificate in the United States, enables you to pilot an aircraft privately. This means that you cannot operate an aircraft for pay but rather for your own recreation or enjoyment. In the U.S., a private pilot license is issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Put Your Private Pilot License to Use

The process of getting a private pilot license can be an arduous one, depending on your available time to commit to the training process. Once you have invested the money, time and energy required to get a private pilot license, you undoubtedly want to use it often. While most pilots would love to own their own airplanes, the costs associated are simply too high.

Here at Eight Ball Flying Club, we provide a feasible solution for pilots who want to own their own planes but don’t want the prohibitively high costs associated with them. As a group of dedicated pilots, we share the costs of maintaining and operating the club’s five aircraft. We all then enjoy regular access to the planes.

You can reserve a particular aircraft via our online scheduling system. You then pay an hourly rental rate for use of the plane. Since our buy-in fees and monthly dues cover much of the aircraft’ costs, we are able to provide members with reasonable rental rates that include the cost of fuel.