Van Nuys Aviation School

Van Nuys Aviation School

Van Nuys aviation school will provide you with the knowledge and training you need to become a licensed pilot. Pilot training is broken down into two portions—ground school and flight training. The ground school portion covers all the textbook information on practices, procedures and regulations you need to know. You’ll then put that information into practice during your flight training.

Van Nuys Aviation School Needs

For the flight training portion of your schooling, you’ll actually be in an aircraft. In addition to the instructor’s time, you’ll also have to pay the hourly rental costs on the airplane used during the lessons. Your Van Nuys aviation school may bundle the two costs together; however, most often they are billed separately.

If you are a member of Eight Ball Flying Club, you can rent one of our planes for use during your flight training. Since you’ll be flying our planes regularly once you get your pilot’s license, it significantly helps to learn to fly in them. You’ll then have increased familiarity and comfort since you’ve learned to fly on these aircraft.

If you are not yet sure how to proceed on your path to get your pilot’s license, we can help you. We have a certified flight instructor affiliated with our club who can take you up for your flying lessons. If you’re already working with a Van Nuys aviation school and would merely like to use the club’s planes for your training, that’s not a problem once you’re a member. We merely have to perform a quick checkout on the instructor and you’ll be good to go.