Van Nuys Flight Club

Van Nuys Flight Club

Here at Eight Ball Flying Club, we have a long history as a dependable, dedicated Van Nuys flight club. The club was formed in 1954 when a group of passionate pilots came together to share the costs of owning airplanes. Currently, our Van Nuys flight club remains a non-profit group with a base of skilled, reliable pilots.

Why Join a Van Nuys Flight Club

As a member of Eight Ball Flying club, you’ll have part ownership in the club’s assets. It is much more financially and logically reasonable for club members to jointly own several aircraft than owning one individually. If you were to own your own plane, you likely wouldn’t use it on a daily basis. Since it’s difficult to justify the costs of ownership without daily usage, a Van Nuys flight club just makes more sense.

All our club members enjoy access to our four airplanes. If you want to use one of the planes on a particular date, you simply hop onto our online scheduling system and make your reservation. You’ll pay a reasonable hourly rental rate which includes the cost of fuel.

When you first join our Van Nuys flight club, you must pay a buy-in fee of $3,500. This purchases you an equity share in the club and gives you full access to all our airplanes. Monthly dues are $160 and cover the costs of maintaining, parking and insuring the planes.