Van Nuys Flight Instruction

Van Nuys Flight Instruction

Van Nuys flight instruction generally occurs out of Van Nuys Airport, located in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. First, you’ll need to complete a ground training course. This classroom course covers the basics of flight procedures and regulations. You’ll also become familiar with the various parts of an airplane and learn information regarding operation practices.

After you’ve completed the ground portion, you’ll then proceed to the practical portion of your Van Nuys flight instruction. This takes place in an actual airplane. The first 20 or so hours of your 40 hour minimum flight training requirement will take place with a certified flight instructor. You’ll then fly solo for about 20 hours of your training. Before you go up solo, your flight instructor will approve you to do so.

Van Nuys Flight Instruction Help

Here at Eight Ball Flying Club, we often take new members who are beginning or in the midst of their Van Nuys flight instruction training. Since members have full access to our four aircraft, you can use one of our planes for your practical flight training hours. We can even set you up with our affiliated flight instructor for your training.

As a member of our dedicated flying group, you’ll have access to pilots who cumulatively possess decades of flying experience. We can answer questions you have regarding Van Nuys flight instruction and offer tips that will aid you in your journey to become a pilot.