Van Nuys Flying Lessons

Van Nuys Flying Lessons

If you are looking to become a pilot and live in the Los Angeles area, Van Nuys flying lessons can get you on the right track. Before you are ready to sit behind the controls of an airplane, you must first complete a ground training course. The course will culminate in an exam which tests you on the flying procedures, terms and practices you’ve learned.

Complete Your Van Nuys Flying Lessons

The practical portion of your flight training is where Van Nuys flying lessons come into play. The Federal Aviation Administration, more commonly known as the FAA, requires that you complete at least 40 hours of flight training before you take your checkride with an FAA certified inspector. Your checkride is your final exam; if you pass, you’ll be granted your pilot’s license.

Though 40 hours of flight training are mandatory, most new pilots complete many more hours than that before taking their licensing exam, with the average being 65 hours. Initially, your Van Nuys flying lessons will take place with a certified flight instructor. As you become more skilled at flying, the instructor will approve you to go up for solo flights.

If you aren’t sure where to take your Van Nuys flying lessons, we can set you up with our club’s affiliated certified flying instructor. Here at Eight Ball Flying Club, our experienced members can also help you with questions you may have as you learn to fly. The camaraderie provided and the information you’ll glean from our dedicated group of pilots are incredibly valuable.