Van Nuys Pilot’s License

Van Nuys Pilot’s License

At Eight Ball Flying Club, we are a dedicated group of pilots who work together to own and operate five aircraft out of Van Nuys Airport. Each member holds an equity share in the club, allowing each individual full access to the club’s five airplanes. Monthly dues go toward the costs associated with maintaining, insuring and operating these aircraft.

Van Nuys Pilot’s License Basics

You may think there is no good reason to join a flying club until you actually have your Van Nuys pilot’s license. Many of our new members are those on their way to getting to their licenses. During your flight training, you’ll need to rent planes for at least 40 hours before you take your FAA checkride to obtain your Van Nuys pilot’s license.

Rather than renting an unknown plane for each of those 40 hours, you can become familiar with airplanes you’ll actually be flying regularly once you get your pilot’s license. As a club member, you’ll have complete access to use our planes for your flight training. We can also set you up with our club’s affiliated certified flight instructor if you don’t have one already.

On your road to getting your Van Nuys pilot’s license, you’ll gain a lot of knowledge by simply talking to other pilots. Our club’s monthly meetings are the perfect opportunities for you to gather information from seasoned pilots. You’ll also enjoy the camaraderie of a group of reliable, friendly pilots throughout your learning process.