Van Nuys Plane Rentals

Van Nuys Plane Rentals

Whether you like to fly away for weekend trips or take a plane up for an hour or two a week, Van Nuys plane rentals can be a scheduling and financial headache. Though there are plenty of options for Van Nuys plane rentals, you never know exactly what to expect with rental airplanes. Just like a rental car, you’re stepping into a rental airplane for the first time after you have already committed to renting it. It could be in less than stellar condition.

Easier Van Nuys Plane Rentals

When you belong to a flying club, Van Nuys plane rentals become much easier. Here at Eight Ball Flying Club, we own and operate five distinct aircraft. Each of our airplanes is well-maintained and high-quality. You know exactly what to expect whenever you reserve one of these planes.

As a member of Eight Ball flying club, you have complete and total access to our planes. The reservation process is incredibly easy; you simply hop on to our online scheduling system and reserve the plane of your choice for the dates you want it. All members pay reasonable hourly rates, which are inclusive of fuel costs, for our Van Nuys plane rentals.

We require all club members to donate eight hours yearly to maintenance work on our planes. During this time, you’ll gain additional familiarity with the aircraft, helping to improve your utilization of them while flying. You’ll also enjoy the companionship of a solid group of individuals who share your love for flying.